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The National Wage Board is considering approving the periodic increment and the minimum for the private sector before the end of May

The Higher Council for Wages held a meeting chaired by Dr. Hala Al-Saeed, Minister of Planning and Economic Development and President of the National Council for Wages, via video conference technology, in the presence of the ministers of manpower, supply and internal trade, the head of the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics and representatives of the ministries of the public business sector, social solidarity, and the National Council For women, the head of the Central Agency for Organization and Administration, business organizations, the General Federation of Egyptian Trade Unions and a number of experts and advisors.


This is the first meeting of the National Wages Council, after the decision to reconfigure it, No. 2659 for the year 2020.


The council meeting began with the formation of its three committees, which are the Prices and Living Standards Committee headed by the Minister of Supply and Internal Trade, the Wages and Allowances Committee headed by the Minister of Manpower, and the Complaints Committee headed by Counselor Abdel Hamid Bilal.


The Prices and Living Standards Committee is concerned with reviewing each of the development of inflation rates, the development of price growth rates for the most important commodities, the development of consumer spending according to the different commodity and service consumer groups and weights, and the average wages according to different economic activities and professions, in addition to presenting a preliminary proposal to match the evolution of prices and aspects of spending. The different differences with the average wages, reviewing the validity of the minimum wage applied in Egypt annually with the different aspects of consumer spending, the development of economic conditions and price levels, and submitting practical proposals that can be presented to the National Council for Wages to reduce the phenomenon of high prices and the positive impact on the living standards of citizens.


The Wages and Allowances Committee is also concerned with studying the quarterly report of the Prices and Living Standards Committee and the practical proposals submitted by it, studying the evolution of unemployment rates and ways to overcome them, studying international experiences of the minimum wage, as well as reviewing the levels of the minimum wage, making recommendations and proposing a new minimum in cooperation with the committee Prices and living standards, in preparation for presentation to the National Council for Wages, and to propose the percentage of the annual periodic increment that can be used as a guide in the private sector in light of various economic indicators, in a way that guarantees a decent life for citizens, and is compatible with the economic conditions of the Egyptian state.


The complaints committee is concerned with studying complaints submitted by employees in the private sector regarding the lack of / or low percentage of the periodic increment.


The meeting of the Council discussed the approval of the new periodic increment for the private sector for the year 2021, in addition to the draft law on the minimum wage for workers in the private sector, and it was agreed that the committees that were formed would study the proposals that were discussed and presented to the Council before the end of the current month of May. The meeting also discussed the concept. The final percentage of the periodic bonus and the value of the minimum wage.


The National Council for Wages, according to the decision of the Prime Minister, is responsible for setting a minimum wage at the national level and reviewing the minimum wage at the end of each fiscal year. Taking into account the development of prices and the cost of living, in addition to examining the complaints of establishments that are unable to pay the periodic increment, and examining the wage structure for the various professions, sectors and activities in the country.