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Thiago: The Burnley match is tough and like a final ... and I'm very happy with Alison's goal

Thiago Alcantara, the player of the English professional Liverpool team in its ranks, the Egyptian star Mohamed Salah, stressed the difficulty of facing Burnley, which is scheduled to be held tomorrow evening, Wednesday, within the competitions of the 37th and penultimate round of the life of the Premier League competition "Premier League", and said Thiago in his statements to the official website of the club Liverpool "First and foremost, we have to face Burnley there, and it will be a difficult match. I think this is the final for us."

About Alison's historic goal in the last confrontation against West Brom, Thiago commented, "We were very emotional with this situation because of everything we went through, especially Alison. We are very happy with the game we presented but we are happier for him. This is football."

Thiago added, "As I always say, you can't be in your day and win, you can have a great day and lose. It's football. In the end, we created chances and deserved to win, so we're very happy with it."

The Liverpool player continued, “We all tried to score but we are facing great goalkeepers and they are saving our chances and that's it. We just looked at the clock at the end, the last minute, and told ourselves we are now creating chances but it is not coming. But at the end, look at it, it is. Football. I'm happy. "

The English professional Liverpool team, within its ranks, Egyptian star Mohamed Salah, maintained its hopes of qualifying for the Champions League competition next season, after the curtain fell on the 36th round of the English Premier League competition.

Liverpool snatched a thrilling victory in the last seconds of West Bromwich Albion, 2-1, in the match that took place between them on Sunday evening, at the "The Hawthorns" stadium, in the 36th round of the English Premier League.

Liverpool ranks fifth in the Premier League table with 63 points, while West Bromwich Albion is nineteenth and penultimate with 26 points, and has officially guaranteed relegation to the first division next season.