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What is the correct dose of zinc supplement as a possible adjunctive treatment in cases of corona?

Scientists are very enthusiastic about the possibility of zinc emerging as one of the promising vitamins to reduce the severity of Corona infection, and according to the "thehealthsite" report, the second wave of Corona infections shook India between April 25 and May 2, India reported 29.44 cases, which is the largest Number of cases reported by any state in any given period.

Benefits of zinc supplementation

There are many studies that support the effectiveness of zinc at a concentration of 50 mg per day in cases of corona virus, and according to a research paper published in Advances in Integrative Medicine Journal, it is possible that zinc reduces the risks, duration and severity of corona infection, especially for populations at risk of zinc deficiency, including People with chronic comorbidities and the elderly, studies have shown that zinc supplements help:

Reduces inflammation

Reduces oxidative stress

Reduces the production of inflammatory cytokines.


50 milligrams a day can protect you from corona

According to other research published in the Clinical Immunology Journal, consuming up to 50 milligrams of zinc per day may provide a protective role against the Coronavirus, likely by improving the host's resistance against viral infections.

Zinc deficiency was associated with an increased exposure to infectious diseases, including viral infections.

What is the correct dose?

The right amount of zinc is 50 milligrams, and is of course only available in a few brands that count on fingertips, but zinc can also be used as a preventative at a dose of less than 20 milligrams.