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Witness to the Mexico metro accident: the vehicle derailed and fell on cars

Silvia Mora, a witness to the Mexico metro accident, said that she was on the roof of her house during the collapse of a bridge when a subway car was passing in the Mexican capital, Mexico City, which fell on some cars traveling along the highway.

"I was here, with my dog ​​on the balcony, the subway passes by here, when the train was passing I watched it went out of its lane, fell on the cars, and I saw it right from my balcony," La Expansion reported. Small ... through the subway, "she said to Sputnik on its Spanish version.

Shortly after the structure collapsed, police patrol sirens and ambulances dominated the area, and the sound of horns fired by motorists in a frenzy to advance on the congested roads.

"Neighbors flocked to help, trying to rescue," she added, but security forces set up a protective cordon to control hundreds of improvised volunteers who tried to help, despite the lack of auxiliary tools.

At least 23 people were killed and more than 70 others were injured, after the collapse of part of the Mexico City subway bridge, in the biggest tragedy in Mexico since the 2017 earthquake, as the structure supporting the metro collapsed, as a train passed over it in the capital of Mexico.

The Spanish newspaper "Labangordia" indicated that the accident occurred near Olivos station on line 12 of the metro in the south of the capital.

"Part of the subway and the bridge that was supporting it on the road collapsed, trapping some vehicles and dozens of people," Claudia Shinbaum, head of the government of the Mexican capital, said at the scene of the event around midnight.

A catastrophic accident on one of the busiest subway trains in the world, with more than 5.5 million people using it daily as the only means of transportation to their homes and jobs.