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100 million pounds Egyptian strawberry exports in just one month

Egyptian exports of strawberries have increased recently, according to government data, as the value of Egyptian exports of fresh strawberries amounted to about 100 million and 64 thousand pounds "6 million and 254 thousand dollars" - 16 pounds, the average price of the dollar against the pound - in the month of March, while it was 72 million and 400 thousand pounds "4 million and 525 thousand dollars" in March 2020, an increase of 27 million and 664 thousand pounds "one million and 729 thousand dollars".

Data issued by the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics show that Egypt's exports of strawberries were among Egypt's exports of agricultural commodities, which amounted to about 6 billion and 342 million pounds (396 million and 420 thousand dollars) last March. Fresh oranges with a total value of 386 million and 512 thousand pounds "24 million and 175 thousand dollars", followed by tangerines with a value of 192 million pounds "12 million dollars", and fresh onions with a value of 90 million and 864 thousand pounds "5 million and 679 thousand dollars."

The value of exports increased in March by 43.5%, reaching $3.41 billion, compared to $2.38 billion for the same month in the previous year. This is due to an increase in the value of exports of some commodities, the most important of which are medicines and pharmaceutical preparations by 54.2%, ready-made clothes by 49.3%, and pasta. Food preparations were varied by 18.4%, and potatoes by 1.1%.

The trade balance deficit amounted to $2.69 billion during March 2021, compared to $3.59 billion for the same month in the previous year, a decline of 25.2%.