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4 drinks useful for diabetics, most notably tea in this condition

Diabetes makes people with diabetes more careful about eating any of the foods or drinking sugary drinks that can cause them complications that affect their lives, and there are some natural drinks that are useful for diabetics, according to modern scientific research, they can eat without being harmful to their health or raising the level of diabetes. blood sugar

The medical website, health line, stated that drinks high in fat and sugar content exacerbate diabetes levels and cause severe medical complications, and said that there are some healthy drinks for diabetics that must be consumed and others that must be avoided completely, and they are:

1- water

Water is the best beverage for diabetics, and drinking enough water is essential.

2- tea

Tea is free of calories and sugar, it contains antioxidants, and it is possible for a diabetic to drink tea throughout the day without worrying, while avoiding the use of cream or honey to sweeten the tea because it is as harmful as sugar.

3- Fresh, unpackaged juices

Avoid drinking bottled juices with preservatives, and rely on fresh fruit juice.

4- Eat almond milk and soy milk

Skimmed milk is always recommended for diabetics, because it contains a low level of fat. Cow's milk should be avoided because it is full of protein and contains fat, and it can seriously affect diabetics 1 and 2. As for soy milk, it is a nutritious alternative to cow's milk, as it contains Contains healthy fats called unsaturated fatty acids and lactose free.

Almond milk, another good alternative to cow's milk, helps control blood sugar levels and lowers the amount of insulin your body needs.

The medical report advised the need to avoid soft drinks, as a bottle of cold drinks or soda contains about 10 tablespoons of sugar, which is unhealthy for diabetics, and therefore it is important to avoid cold drinks and soft drinks.