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6 foods that are useful for your child's growth and increase his focus, most notably vegetables and yogurt

Many mothers are looking for healthy foods for their children, to make them more fit, healthy growth and more focused in their lives throughout the day, and there are a number of foods useful for the health, building and growth of the child’s body, which must be focused on daily, according to the health line medical website, and these foods Helps develop the brain and focus of children in cognitive skills and how to develop brain activities in the future, most notably:

1 egg

The protein and nutrients in eggs help children focus, especially when eaten at breakfast, and the child's body continues to retain carbohydrates and proteins until the next meal.

2 yogurt

Fat is important for brain health, and full-fat yogurt, which contains more protein, helps keep brain cells in good shape to send and receive information, through good blood flow to the brain.


3 vegetables

Caring for vegetables since childhood helps prevent dementia in the elderly, as they contain antioxidants that help in the growth of brain cells, most notably spinach and various green vegetables.

4 fish

Fish is a good source of vitamin D and omega-3, which protect the brain from decreased mental skills and memory loss, the most prominent of which are salmon, tuna, and sardines, all of which are rich in omega-3.

5 Nuts and seeds

The child's consumption of nuts enhances the health of the brain and maintains the nervous system, as it contains essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.

6 oats

The protein and fiber-rich oats help maintain the arteries of the heart and brain, and in one study, children who ate sweetened oatmeal did better on memory-related school tasks than those who ate sugary cereals.