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9 Information about the development of the pyramids area at a cost of 200 million pounds

The pyramids area is witnessing a comprehensive development and modernization plan during the next phase, including the sound and light shows and the surrounding area.. Find out the details in 9 information.


1- A contract for developing sound and light and the exhibition area was signed in the Pyramids area.


2- Signing between Misr Sound, Light and Tourism Development Company - one of the Holding Companies for Tourism and Hotels affiliated to the Ministry of Public Business Sector - and a private company.


3- The development costs in its first phase 200 million pounds and in the second 350 million pounds.


4- Development within the framework of the strategy of the Ministry of Public Business Sector to develop and reform its subsidiaries, improve the management of assets and investments owned by them, and partner with the private sector.


5- The purpose of the project is to ensure the improvement of services provided to the Egyptians and foreign tourists visiting the pyramids area.

6- In addition to developing sound and light shows using modern technological means while preserving the historical content of the shows.


7- The development contributes to the tourism promotion of the region.


8- The process of developing and participating takes place within 16 months from the date of receiving the site, provided that the contract period is 15 years.


9- According to which, Misr Sound and Light Company will receive 17% of the project's revenues, with a minimum of 36 million pounds, an increase of 7% cumulatively annually.