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A child was brutally murdered in Syria by his friend, and the reason was 12 dollars

The Syrian police found the body of a 13-year-old child in one of the orchards of the town of Aqraba in the Damascus countryside, bound hands and feet and bearing signs of torture, and it turned out that the killer was indebted to the dead man.

The Syrian Ministry of the Interior stated that it had arrested Issam, a friend of the slain, Moaz, and he confessed that he had planned his crime a week ago, because the victim had a sum of 35,000 Syrian pounds (about 12 dollars) with the killer.

The ministry explained that the killer "went to the farm and prepared a rope, sickle and binding thread, contacted the victim and lured him to the farm, then tied him on the farm's roof and put a blindfold on his eyes and then threw him from the surface of the farm to the ground, and then he used the sickle that he equipped by hitting him on different parts." From his body in a brutal manner, he fled to an unknown destination until he was arrested.”