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Abdel Monsef, after his appointment as director of the ball in the Tigris: I deduct 5 times more for myself than my colleagues

Mohamed Abdel-Monsef, a goalkeeper and director of football at Wadi Degla Club, revealed that his recent appointment as a football director does not conflict with his duties as a goalkeeper for the team, saying: “My appointment is aimed at praising the system within the team, and setting strict decisions so that the team returns to its right path, and this will not conflict with my role. As a goalkeeper and captain of the team.

And Abdel Monsef continued, in exclusive statements to the seventh day: “Some ask how I will deduct from myself if there are penalties for the team, but I resolve this controversy, that as a leader and role model for the rest of the team, most of them are young rising stars, the opponent for myself will be 5 times the opponent for my colleagues.”

Aussa valued the decision to appoint an individual in the team to the position of football manager, explaining that the decision is the origin of professionalism, because the player or goalkeeper is the person who is the most close to the team’s crises and able to solve them, explaining that the Tigris is a professional management, but that the decision is new to Egyptian football, it is natural that raises controversy.

The goalkeeper and captain of the Dajlawi team explained: “People understand that the task of the football manager is only penalties. The football manager has overlapping functions, including listening to the players’ problems and solving them. Why do we issue the dark side in the job, penalties are part of the job and we should not reduce the task of the football manager to an idea? Punish the players.

Wadi Degla Club officials decided to appoint Mohamed Abdel Monsef, the team's goalkeeper, as the acting director of football in the team's current technical staff, led by Abdel Baqi Jamal, who took over the responsibility to succeed Chilean coach Mario Salas.


Abdel Monsef assumes the responsibility as the acting director of football at Tigris Club, in addition to his role as goalkeeper and captain of the team. The decision came in light of the administration’s keenness to provide a good atmosphere between them and the players in the difficult period experienced by the team, occupying the penultimate position in the league standings with 19 points.


Mohamed Abdel Monsef continued his distinguished performances with the Tigris this season, after he saved the sixth penalty kick in the 2020/2021 league, in his team’s match against Al-Masry Al-Portsaidi, out of the 8 strikes that his team was awarded in his presence as a goalkeeper, to be the most goalkeepers in the league this season.