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Al-Ahly reveals the details of Akram Tawfiq's injury in the front muscle

Al-Ahly's medical system said that Akram Tawfiq suffers from slight pain in the anterior muscle, but it will not prevent the player from future training or participating in the Tunisian Esperance match in the African Championship.

The medical apparatus explained to Al-Ahly that Akram Tawfiq Salim does not suffer from a strong injury, as the matter does not go beyond just a bruise in the front muscle, and it will not have a negative impact on the player and his participation in the team's upcoming training, as well as the two matches of Esperance in the African Championship.

While Al-Ahly officials agreed with the Tunisian international, Maaloul, the left-back of the team, to stay in Tunisia after the end of his participation with his country's national team in the camp to be held this June.

Munther Al-Kabir, Tunisia's coach, has included Maaloul on the list of the Carthage Eagles, which enter a closed camp during the current period in the period of the international agenda after the Carthage Eagles qualified for the 2022 African Nations Cup finals in Cameroon.

Munther Al-Kabeer chose 31 players to play the two matches, headed by Ferjani Sassi, player of Zamalek, and his colleague, Seif El-Din Al-Jaziri, and Ali Maaloul, the Al-Ahly player.

Maaloul agreed with the technical staff of Al-Ahly to stay in Tunisia until Al-Ahly traveled to Tunisia to face Esperance in the African Championship.

Al-Ahly will play the Tunisian champion on June 19 in the first leg of the African semi-finals, while the Al-Edda match will be held in Cairo on the 26th of the same month.

Al-Ahly officials rejected the idea of ​​Maaloul returning to Cairo after the end of the Tunis camp and traveling with the Red Genie mission to save effort and time, so that the player does not feel bored and exhausted, so he will remain in Tunisia until Al-Ahly travels, provided that the player joins the mission there and competes with the team the upcoming Esperance match.