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All you need to know about the Al-Ahly and Football Association crisis due to the cancellation of the 99 League summit

A new crisis erupted between Al-Ahly Club and the Football Association during the past hours, due to the decision of the Jabaliya to cancel the match between Al-Ahly and Zamalek, born in 99, and the lack of a champion for the competition so far.

Q: What caused the recent crisis between Al-Ahly and the Football Association?

A: The reason for the crisis is that the Football Association set two dates for the match between Al-Ahly and Zamalek, born in 99, to determine a champion for the competition, before the two dates were canceled without a clear reason and a champion for the competition was not determined.

Q: What is Al-Ahly’s position on the Football Association’s decision?

A: Al-Ahly club filed a lawsuit against the Football Association at the Arbitration and Settlement Center for not holding a playoff match or determining a champion of the Republic League, born in 1999, and Al-Ahly is awaiting the settlement center’s decision in this matter.

Q: What is the Football Association's response to Al-Ahly's complaint?

A: The officials of the Football Association commented on the Al-Ahly club’s lawsuit against Al-Jabaliya. The officials of the Football Association explained that the Settlement and Arbitration Center has no right to interfere in technical matters, especially that holding the match or canceling it is at the heart of the technical decisions of the Jabaliya, and the officials of the Football Association added that the Settlement and Arbitration Center previously And he issued decisions to some clubs, such as Al-Nujoum, Al-Dakhiliya, and Petrojet, nullifying their relegation to the second division, but the Football Association did not abide by these decisions because they are technical decisions that belong to the powers of the Football Association and its committees for competitions.

Q: What is the position of Zamalek Club on this crisis?

A: Zamalek did not comment on this crisis during the past hours, although the white club had announced more than once its refusal to play the final match for two reasons, the first is that it sees itself as the hero according to the old regulation before modifying the form of the competition, and the second is that it has laid off the 99 players and does not have players to compete playoff.

Q: What is the secret of the Football Association's decision to cancel the match?

A: Although the Football Association did not announce the reason for the cancellation, the Football Association sees the cancellation decision as a solution to the crisis of the participation of Zamalek players born in 99 in the Premier League matches, especially after Al-Ahly Club objected to the participation of some Zamalek players, led by Saif Farouk Jaafar in front of the Vanguards of the Army, which is what He made the Football Association cancel the summit match in the 99th League and consider the competition over.