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Britain is witnessing an unprecedented jump in the number of Corona patients, after easing restrictions

The number of employees in British companies recorded an unprecedented increase, during the month of May, after the easing of restrictions to confront the Corona virus and the restoration of restaurants and bars to work.

Nevertheless, this figure is still more than half a million people less than the number of workers in Britain before the start of the pandemic.

Tax data released today, Tuesday, showed that British companies increased the number of their employees by about 197,000 people in May in the largest monthly increase since the start of registration in July of 2014; Which brought the total of workers to 28.5 million people, according to the British Daily Mail.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson set a new "deadline" of July 19; To end coronavirus restrictions in England, after he warned that easing restrictions on June 21, as planned, could lead to thousands of deaths.

The British Prime Minister ordered a delay of up to a month to the final stage of his roadmap to end the closure due to concerns about the spread of the Indian strain of the Corona virus, according to the British newspaper (Daily Mail) reported.

The move was described as a "devastating blow" to the entertainment industry, while hospitality companies will also see the sector affected by continued social distancing.

Experts fear moving forward with the fourth step on June 21, as scheduled; It may lead to an increase in the number of infected people in hospitals on the scale of the first wave of the virus, which leads to huge pressures on the health service.

To avoid this; Johnson said - during a press conference in Downing Street - that it "makes sense to wait a little longer", as he postponed the lifting of all legal restrictions on social contact by a month.