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Esperance chooses 24 players to face Al-Ahly in the second leg of the African Champions League semi-finals

Mouin El Shaabani, the technical director of the Tunisian Esperance Club, announced the list selected to face Al-Ahly tomorrow, in the second leg of the semi-finals of the African Champions League, which is scheduled to be held at nine in the evening at Al-Salam Stadium.

Al-Ahly wants to provide a strong performance and not depend on the result of the first leg, but will play to win at home to confirm the rise to the final match, after its victory with a clean goal at Rades stadium last Saturday.


The official page of the Esperance Club on Twitter announced the list of 24 players, which came in it


Goalkeepers: Moez bin Sharifiya - Farouk bin Mustafa - Mohamed Siddiq Dabashi

Defense lines: Abdel Qader Badran - Sameh Al-Derbali - Khalil Shammam - Hamdi Al-Naqaz - Muhammad Amin Al-Masakni - Elias Shetty - Muhammad Amin bin Hamida.

Midfield: Anis Al-Badri - Hamdo Al-Huni - Alaa Al-Din Marzouki - Abdel Rahman Meziane - Foussini Coulibaly - Cedric Gbo - Muhammad Ali bin Ramadan - Abdel Raouf bin Ghaith.

Forwards: Nassim bin Khalifa - Khaled Abdel Basset - Abdel Rahman Meziane - William Togoi.


The Tunisian Esperance team loses the duo Muhammad Ali Al-Yaqoubi and Ghaylan Al-Shaalali against Al-Ahly, in the expected match that will bring the two teams together the day after tomorrow, Saturday, in the second leg of the African Champions League semi-final at Al-Salam Stadium.

The official account of the Tunisian Esperance Club on the social networking site “Twitter”, revealed the absence of Al-Yaqoubi from Esperance in front of Al-Ahly because of his suffering from the Corona virus, in addition to Ghaylan Al-Shaalali due to a muscle injury in the right thigh.