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Euro 2020 .. Klinsmann: Loew is a great coach, brilliant but humble

Jürgen Klinsmann, the former coach of the German national football team, praised his compatriot Joachim Loew, his former assistant and current coach of the German national team, describing him as a wonderful coach but a humble man.

"Loew has a lot to be proud of as well, not only leading us to the 2014 World Cup title, but also 15 years of brilliant strategic work," Klinsmann wrote in his article for the BBC today.

"Overall, he will be remembered for a period that saw a lot of joy for German football fans and a lot of positivity about the national team," added the former German coach.

"But the most important thing," Klinsmann continued, "is that he is a wonderful, loyal, trustworthy man who has always been a source of joy."

The German national team will lure Hungary at nine in the evening, Wednesday, in the third and final round matches of Group F of the European Nations Cup "Euro 2020", which is currently being held and will continue until the eleventh of next July, with the participation of 24 teams and hosted by 11 different cities.

The German national team enters the match as it ranks second in Group F with 3 points, after an exciting victory over Portugal 4-2, in the exciting meeting that brought the two teams together in the last round.

Germany vs Hungary


The German surprise hit the results of the last round of Group F (Group of Death) in the European Nations Cup Euro 2020, which is currently underway, to mix the cards of 3 of the permanent candidates for the podiums.

Group F became complicated, following the results of the second round, with the defending champion Portugal close to leaving the tournament, while the German team rediscovered its chances of reaching the next round of the tournament, while the French rooster sings alone at the top.