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Figs are a treasure to protect your fetus during protects you from nausea and diabetes

Figs carry many health benefits for women's health, especially during pregnancy, in order to maintain her health and the health of her fetus, in addition to preventing many diseases that may be exposed to her during this difficult stage, especially as it is rich in many nutrients and vitamins necessary for the body.

According to a report published on the Express website, there are several benefits of figs during pregnancy:

1. Provides you with calcium

Calcium is necessary for the growth of bones and teeth for the fetus and the mother, during and after pregnancy, so figs are your appropriate choice.


2. Supports fetal growth

 The minerals in figs are relatively high, and they are important to maintain the growth and completion of your fetus inside the womb and to protect it from any birth defects.

3.Improve digestion

Because it is rich in fibre, it also contains a special enzyme known as proteolytic enzyme that can help the expectant mother in dealing with digestive issues.

4. Control your appetite during pregnancy


Because it contains a high percentage of alkaline, it is a natural remedy to control your appetite and control your weight during pregnancy.

5. Good source of Omega 3


Which is important for the development of the brain of the fetus, in the early stage inside the womb and to protect it from birth defects.

6. Preserve your skin


It is a secret recipe for healthy and beautiful skin during pregnancy, since some mothers suffer from some skin pigmentation also known as pregnancy spot, as figs contain a secret chemical called psoralen which is good for treating skin pigmentation.

7. Reducing the risk of gestational diabetes

Gestational diabetes is one problem that is sometimes difficult to deal with, so eating nutrient-rich figs can help the mother follow a healthy diet.

8. Get rid of morning sickness


Morning sickness is the worst problem during the early stage of pregnancy, and eating figs containing vitamin B6 can help the mother reduce this feeling.