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Financial Control: Increasing death compensation for car and train accidents to 100,000 pounds

Counselor Reda Abdel Moati, Deputy Chairman of the Financial Supervisory Authority, revealed that Parliament approved a clause in the unified insurance bill that increases the value of compensation for car accidents for the heirs of the deceased or those with total disability from 40,000 pounds currently to 100,000 pounds, as well as raising the value of compensation for Train and metro accidents to the same amount, to provide adequate compensation to the victims.


Abdel-Moati told Al-Youm Al-Sabaa that Law 72 of 2007 on civil liability for motor vehicle accidents grants compensation for car accidents victims of 40,000 pounds to the heirs of the deceased or in cases of total disability, but the new insurance bill raised The amount of compensation ranges from 40,000 pounds to 100,000 pounds for the deceased and in cases of total disability, out of a desire to provide an advantage for the affected and insurance protection for them in return for this compensation, and this item was approved in the initial discussions of the new insurance bill in the House of Representatives.


Abdel Moati added, “The same applies to trains and metros. There is a group called the railways and the metro, which was established by agreement between insurance companies and the Railways Authority. This group pays compensation for accidents amounting to 15,000 pounds, and it was increased months ago to 30,000 pounds, except for The commission saw an increase in compensation for these accidents to 100,000 pounds.


The compulsory auto insurance policy or third party civil liability resulting from vehicle accidents covers the risks of death and permanent total and partial disability with a value of 40,000 pounds in cases of death or permanent total disability, and the amount of compensation for permanent partial disability cases is determined by the percentage of the disability, and the document covers the damages that It is attached to the property of others with a maximum of 10,000 pounds, excluding vehicle damage.