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Find out today's fish prices in the transit market for wholesale

Today, Monday, 14-6-2021, wholesale fish prices witnessed stability in the prices of farmed tilapia and an increase in the prices of snakes, according to the official prices in the wholesale transit market.

The prices of farmed tilapia 1 were recorded between 22-24 pounds per kilo compared to 22-25 pounds per kilo, and farmed tilapia 2 between 19-21 pounds per kilo, Aswan tilapia 17-37 pounds per kilo, and tilapia fillet 30-110 pounds per kilo.

The prices of mullet 1 ranged between 40-48 pounds per kilo, mullet "2" to record 32-38 pounds per kilo, bourbon between "1" to 34-40 pounds per kilo, bourbon 2" 25-35 pounds per kilo, and smooth whites "2 25-35 pounds per kilo, the price of white chaff is between 70-100 pounds per kilo.

The prices of eel fish increased, ranging between 50-220 pounds per kilo, compared to 200 pounds per kilo, and coral "2" prices stabilized between 23-27 pounds per kilo, frozen coral 15-25 pounds per kilo, and snail squash prices between 10-20 pounds, and recorded prices Souissi pasta recorded 65-80 pounds per kilo, frozen shrimp "2" 85-165 pounds per kilo, and shrimp "3" 90-150 pounds per kilo.

The General Federation of Chambers of Commerce had announced that it had received a report on the latest developments in the prices of goods and services that are traded in the markets. It stated a decline in fish prices during the month of May, as the price of a kilo of "large tilapia" decreased by 17% to reach 25 pounds, compared to about 30 pounds in the previous month. Same month last year