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Global Health announces new names for Corona strains circulating in the world

The World Health Organization has announced plans to rename the variants of the Corona virus with Greek alphabet in an attempt to lose the "stain" of geographical addresses. According to the report of the British newspaper, "Daily Mail", under the new WHO plans, the Indian alternative will now be known as "Covid Delta", while the strain will be known. Kent in the United Kingdom as "Covid Alpha", and the South African alternative will become "Covid Beta", while the Brazilian alternative will be known as "Covid Gamma".

Maria Van Kerkhove, WHO Technical Director on Corona, said that the change aims to help public debate and made clear that no country should be stigmatized to detect and report variables, posters are simple, easy to pronounce and remember and are based on the Greek alphabet, a system chosen after consulting Broad and revision of many potential systems, but they will not replace current scientific names.

This comes at a time when the World Health Organization, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank Group and the World Trade Organization have urged rich countries to give more vaccines to poor countries or risk the emergence of new variables and impose closures in the future.

The heads of the organizations warned of the emergence of a dangerous gap between rich and poor countries in the availability of coronavirus vaccines and the risk of a two-track pandemic.

According to the "Daily Mail" report, the new classification system of the World Health Organization (WHO) applies to the so-called variables of concern (VOC), the four of which are of the most concern, and it will also apply to the second level of the variables of interest (VOI) that are tracked.

Under the new system, the worrisome variables have the following names: The so-called British variant B.1.1.7 becomes Alpha; B.1.351 was first discovered in South Africa and became Beta, while the Brazilian became P.1 Gamma, and the so-called Indian variant B.1.617 is divided into subspecies, of which the variable B.1.617.2 in question becomes Delta, and the lineage names will continue to be used. Such as B. in scientific circles, for the mutation information its name conveys.

The World Health Organization said in a statement: "Although these scientific names have their advantages, they are difficult to say and retrieve, and they are also subject to wrong reports. As a result, people often resort to calling variables according to the places in which they are discovered, which is stigmatization and discrimination, and to avoid In addition to simplifying public communication, WHO encourages national authorities, the media and others to adopt these new marks.