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Implementation of two campaigns to raise occupancy and control violations in the cities of New Assiut and Sadat

Engineer Jihan Ammar, head of the New Assiut City Development Authority, confirmed that a campaign was launched to remove and remove all forms of occupancies and violations in the city, in coordination between the security and development departments of the agency and in cooperation with the city's reconstruction police.


Engineer Jihan Ammar explained that the campaign resulted in the editing of 5 records of closure and waxing for practicing an activity without a license, and the editing of 5 records of occupancy, stressing the continuation of campaigns and taking all legal measures against violators through continuous follow-up by the relevant departments to preserve the civilized appearance of the city.


In a related context, Engineer Alaa Manea, head of the Sadat City Development Authority, directed the removal and lifting of the violating gates in social housing buildings in various areas of the city, where a committee formed from the departments of security, development, hygiene and cosmetics removed and raised 10 iron gates, a wire gate, and other violations in the two areas The 25th and 16th apartments, which the residents installed behind the buildings in violation of the terms of the contract, and causing the concerned departments to be unable to follow up work with daily traffic to fix water and sewage malfunctions and for residents to use them as warehouses, etc.


The head of the Sadat City Authority appealed to the residents not to violate the law in order not to be subject to legal accountability, stressing the continuation of daily campaigns to monitor and remove violations.