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Learn about the details of Egypt’s 10 Egyptian pound plastic offer and the date of its issuance

The Simply Economy program presented by our colleague Ahmed Yaqoub, Head of the Economics Department, on the seventh day, provided a detailed explanation of the dates for launching the new plastic currencies, which will start with the 10 pound denomination.


Yacoub explained that within weeks, the plastic 10 pounds made of polymer will be launched and will be put into 15,000 automatic teller machines, noting that the design of the plastic currency is completely different from the paper currency and that the life span of the plastic currency is much more than the paper currency, where the shelf life of currencies Plastic to 12 years versus one to two years for paper currencies.


Yaqoub added that 6 months after the 10-pound denomination, a 20-pound coin will be introduced.


And “The Seventh Day” was alone in the news of the production of the new Egyptian currency denominations, in the form of “polymer”, which will be done with the latest banknote production lines applied in the world.


Plastic money is characterized by flexibility, strength, and less thickness, which allows a longer life span of up to about 5 times the life of the paper category made of cotton, in addition to being water-resistant, less affected by dust, environmentally friendly, and much less likely to pollute compared to The denominations of paper money in circulation, in addition to the difficulty of counterfeiting and counterfeiting.


In the plan to switch from paper money to plastic, reducing the dimensions and space of the monetary category is an important feature, in addition to that “plastic will gradually replace paper, as the Central Bank of England began withdrawing it from the market on March 1, 2018.