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Mamadou Anias fails to return to military production after the end of the Mauritania friendly

Mauritanian Mamadou Anias, the military production player, failed to return to Cairo after the end of his mission with his country during the international agenda, as the player was scheduled to return yesterday before the Military Production Department inquired about the reason for their non-attendance to inform them of attendance on June 20, to confirm his absence from His team's match with Tala'a El-Jaish, scheduled for next Tuesday at Al-Ahly and Al-Salam Stadium, in the twenty-sixth round of the Premier League.

Ahmed Koshary, Technical Director of Military Production, held a meeting with his players, during which he talked about the difficulty of the next stage with the return of the league matches, stressing that it is the last opportunity to correct the team’s path, and for their part, the players pledged to their coach to improve the team’s situation and return to victories to save production from the specter of relegation, starting with the Tala’i Al-Jaish match. .

Ahmed Koshary, in consultation with Khaled Mahdi, the team’s football manager, resorted to a new step to motivate his team’s players to escape the specter of relegation to the second division, by changing the team’s list and raising the value of the material reward in the event of victory in order to motivate them to win the remaining matches in the league to escape the specter of relegation, which is What was agreed by Major General Ashraf Amer, president of the club, to get out of the vortex that has surrounded the team since the beginning of the competition.

Ahmed Koshary, Technical Director of Military Production, revealed his team’s gains from the league’s suspension period before facing Tala’a El-Jaish, which is scheduled for the fifth in the afternoon next Tuesday at Al-Salam Stadium in the twenty-sixth round of the Premier League competition, and Koshary said in exclusive statements to “The Seventh Day”, “We went through a period of preparation. Strong during the period of suspension of the league, and we played three matches that witnessed a relative improvement in the team’s performance, and we still have great hope for the team’s results to improve in the league with its return, starting from facing the Vanguards of the Army.”

Ahmed Koshary added, "The phenomenon of wasting easy opportunities in front of the goal is still a phenomenon that worries me in the nature of the performance of the Military Production attackers, but I am trying to get rid of it by intensifying the training sessions for the strikers to treat the final touch."

El Entag El Harby played three friendly matches during the league’s hiatus, beating its HFC counterpart by three unanswered in its first friendly meeting. Then El Entag El Harby succeeded in achieving a friendly victory over the Arab Contractors with two goals without a response on Sunday evening in its second friendlies during the league’s hiatus and concluded its friendlies. The loss of Ceramica with two goals without a response.