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Meat prices today .. steak ranges between 130-150 pounds per kilo

Municipal meat prices continue to be stable in the local market and hypermarkets according to today's prices, Tuesday 1-6-2021, according to what was confirmed by the Butchers Division of the Chamber of Commerce in Cairo.


The price of kandooz ranged between 120-140 pounds per kilo, lamb meat ranged from 130-150 pounds, and lamb liver from 130-150 pounds, the price of camel meat was recorded between 100-120 pounds per kilo.


The prices of the baladi sausage ranged from 120-130 pounds, the steak and the steak from 130-150 pounds per kilo and the terbianco arak ranged between 140-160 pounds per kilo, and chopped all bikes ranged between 120-130 pounds per kilo, the price of Hilla kebab between 130-145 pounds per kilo.


The prices of Kunduz liver were stable between 130-150 pounds, the prices of the Kunduz banana from 130-150 pounds per kilo, and the kidneys and the heart 120-130 pounds per kilo.