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"Planning" and "Organization and Administration" implement training programs for workers in the Administrative Capital

The Ministry of Planning and Economic Development, in cooperation with the Central Agency for Organization and Administration, has started implementing several training programs for strategic planning and policies, as part of the Agency's implementation of the third package of specialized programs for employees nominated to move to the Administrative Capital.

Dr. Hala Al-Saeed, Minister of Planning and Economic Development, said that these training programs come within the framework of the government's keenness to raise the capabilities and efficiency of employees moving to the new administrative capital and provide them with the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure the quality of the services they provide, explaining that the programs aim to raise the capabilities of workers in strategic planning and policy units. In the state’s administrative apparatus, by discussing the process and stages of managing the unit’s strategy, and taking into account linking the unit’s strategic plan with the government’s program, it also addresses a brief presentation on the procedural guide to the strategic planning process, which is the main reference for the work of strategic planning units in the country. The training also focuses on the importance of linking the authorities’ plan with Government Program, National Agenda for Sustainable Development; Egypt Vision 2030 and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Al-Saeed pointed out that the strategic planning process is one of the most important components of the administrative process, which is directly reflected on the success of the various units in achieving their goals and integrating with each other to achieve the goals of the state. Balance the programs and performance that the state seeks to work through, noting the translation of these goals into integrated and interconnected action plans.

The Minister of Planning and Economic Development added that strategic planning provides the basic material for the follow-up and evaluation process, which achieves with time a degree of institutional maturity for the different units, and provides a good opportunity to extract lessons learned from programs and projects, explaining that it also improves the ability of different units to deal with change, through Continuous reading of the surrounding environment and translating the results of this reading into goals, programs and future work mechanisms that allow the state to keep abreast of all that is new and to interact efficiently with opportunities and challenges.

For his part, Dr. Saleh Al-Sheikh, head of the agency, said: “The agency has created units for strategic management in all ministries within the framework of implementing Prime Minister’s Resolution No. 1146 of 2018.” The aforementioned unit includes several organizational sub-divisions represented in strategic planning and policies, project management, and follow-up. And assessment, crisis and disaster management and risk reduction, in accordance with the decision of the head of the agency No. 86 of 2019, noting that the training program for strategic planning targets employees who work in the relevant departments in the ministries and authorities moving to the capital.

He added that the executive plan for training employees of the state’s administrative apparatus who are candidates to move to the new administrative capital includes a basic program package that is offered to all candidates, and includes providing employees with topics related to raising national awareness and job fitness, and a package of competencies programs that are built on the basis of the results of behavioral competencies assessment, and in this The framework A training “card” has been completed for each employee nominated for transfer, so that the training responds to the needs of the behavioral competencies on which the assessment was made, and a package of specialized programs, whereby each group is trained in its field of work, such as human resources, training of contract management personnel, and training Legal affairs workers. These programs are coordinated with the relevant ministries and agencies, each within its jurisdiction. It also includes a package of applications programs through practical training on how to master the use of the applications to be circulated in the New Administrative Capital so that the moving employees are fully aware before moving on how to operate and use these applications. software.