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Report: The United Kingdom is the poorest in Northwest Europe in terms of per capita wealth

An analysis by the British House of Commons Research Library, based on International Monetary Fund data, revealed that the UK lags behind all of its 13 neighbors in terms of wealth per capita.

And the numbers for 2021 - which the British newspaper The Independent reported in a report on its website today, Tuesday, show that the gross domestic product of the United Kingdom is only 31 thousand and 38 pounds per capita of GDP, far behind other countries with poor performance, as France recorded 32 thousand And 622 pounds sterling and Finland at 34,187 pounds.

Luxembourg had the highest GDP per capita in northwestern Europe, at more than 80,000 pounds per person, followed by Ireland (65,411) and Switzerland (50,15 pounds).

The newspaper pointed out that SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon has exploited the figures and claimed they made clear why it would be better for Scotland to separate from the "poor man of northwest Europe".

Kirsten Oswald, deputy chair of the Scottish National Party in Westminster, said the evidence showed that independent countries of equal size or smaller "do better" than the United Kingdom.

"It is increasingly clear that independence is the only way to unleash Scotland's full economic potential, so we can be as wealthy and successful as our European neighbours," Oswald said.

"The UK is the poor man in northwest Europe with the lowest wealth per capita of any country throughout the 21st century, and the wealth gap with our European neighbors has only gotten worse over the past two decades," she added.