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Researchers create the first herbal drink to treat symptoms of the Corona virus without a prescription

Researchers at George Mason University, USA, have come up with a new treatment that is the first herbal drink capable of treating the symptoms of the Corona virus, especially respiratory symptoms resulting from damage to the lungs from viral infection, according to what was published by the Medical Express website.

The researchers said, that the new herbal treatment for the symptoms of the Corona virus, is a drink without a prescription, which is a treatment that contains 9 herbal ingredients used in traditional medicine to treat lung diseases, and display colds and influenza, as these herbs are able to relieve and treat severe symptoms resulting from acute respiratory syndrome. It is caused by the Corona virus when the lung is infected, which may end in lung damage as the patient’s condition deteriorates.

The researchers confirmed, that the new treatment drink is a nutritional supplement capable of relieving and treating acute respiratory symptoms, which was invented after the team of researchers examined about 40 medicinal herbs, only 9 ingredients were selected to be the ingredient for the new herbal remedy.

The researchers conducted experiments on animal models to learn about the ability and effectiveness of the new herbal treatment, so the researchers infected the lung cells in the experimental models with the Corona virus, then the herbal treatment was added and monitored for a period ranging from four to six hours.

After that, the researchers used the Biomedical Research Laboratory, to confirm the effectiveness of the herbal remedy in the laboratory against the Corona virus, and the study revealed that the herbal remedy contains very powerful ingredients that can destroy Corona virus infection, SARS infection and influenza A virus, even at very low doses of it.

The researchers also found the ability of an innovative herbal remedy against coronavirus variants in the laboratory.

The researchers are awaiting approval from the US Food and Drug Administration to begin human clinical trials, to be the first herbal drink readily available without a prescription to provide protection against infection with the Corona virus and influenza.