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Saudi Minister of Islamic Affairs: We seek to create appropriate conditions for performing Hajj

The Saudi Minister of Islamic Affairs, Call and Guidance, Dr. Abdullatif bin Abdulaziz Al-Sheikh, confirmed that the authorities responsible for Hajj in Saudi Arabia are working to serve the guests of the House of God, and seek to create the appropriate conditions for them to perform their pilgrimage to the fullest.

And the Saudi Press Agency stated that this came during the reception of Dr. Abdullatif bin Abdulaziz Al-Sheikh, at the Ministry’s headquarters, the Minister of Guidance, Hajj and Endowments of the Republic of Afghanistan, Sheikh Muhammad Qasim Halimi, and the accompanying delegation.

Dr. Al-Sheikh explained that the advocates of the Ministry of Islamic Affairs have a high degree of legal science, moderation and moderation, which serves the pilgrim and fulfills his requirements in the fatwa and seeking advice, and that the decision to limit Hajj to domestic pilgrims is a wise decision that embodies the keenness to establish the ritual of Hajj, in accordance with safety standards in light of the continued Corona pandemic, while preserving the lives of pilgrims so that they can perform their rituals with ease and ease.

For his part, the Afghan Minister of Guidance, Hajj and Endowments praised the Saudi government’s decision to limit the Hajj this year to citizens and residents inside the Kingdom with a total of 60,000 pilgrims due to the Corona pandemic, noting that Islam is a religion of preserving humanity and preserving the nation, and that the Kingdom’s leadership cares and is keen on the safety of its guests. In Mecca and Medina.