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Tehran summons the British ambassador to it, against the background of harassment of Iranian voters in London

Today, Saturday, the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned the British ambassador to Tehran, and handed him a letter of protest against the background of harassment of Iranian voters in London, according to the "Russia Today" network.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry said: "Britain did not fulfill its duties to ensure the security of Iranian voters in Britain," pointing out that "terrorist elements affiliated with hostile forces have beaten and insulted Iranian voters in Britain."

The Foreign Ministry added: "Media channels broadcasting from Britain in Persian, such as BBC Persian and Iran International, incited Iranians to boycott the elections and popular protests."

And Iranian television announced, a short time ago, that Ibrahim Raisi won the presidential elections, officially, with 62% of the total votes.


Al Arabiya TV reported, citing Iranian television, that Raisi's three rivals together won 17.8 million votes, and Raisi won the elections after receiving 17.8 million votes.


Iran TV added that 28 million voters participated in the elections out of a total of 59 million registered voters.