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The Egyptian Stock Exchange continues to decline in the middle of trading, under pressure from Arab and foreign sales

The indices of the Egyptian Stock Exchange declined, in the middle of Thursday’s trading session, the end of the week’s sessions, due to sales pressures from Arab and foreign dealers, while Egyptians’ transactions tended to buy.


The "EGX30" index declined by 0.11% to reach the level of 10,261 points, the "EGX50" index fell by 0.84% ​​to reach the level of 2194 points, and the "EGX30" index of weights decreased by 0.14% to reach the level of 12859 points, While the "EGX30" total return index increased by 0.81% to reach the level of 4009 points.


The index of medium and small companies "EGX70 of equal weights" decreased by 0.86% to reach the level of 2327 points, and the "EGX100 index of equal weights" fell by 0.65% to reach the level of 3294 points.


In a related context, the Egyptian Stock Exchange announced the suspension of trading on 14 shares for a period of 10 minutes, for exceeding 5%, up or down, during today's trading session, and they are; Ajwaa Food Industries - Egypt, Egyptian Building Industry Development (Lift Slab Egypt), Modern Shorouk for Printing and Packaging, Arab Forum for Investments, Arabia for Land Reclamation, Pioneers of Tourism - Pioneers, General for Land Reclamation, Development and Reconstruction, Oriental Weavers for Carpets, Mansoura for Poultry, Iron and Steel for Mines And Quarries, Egypt Beni Suef Cement, Islamic Gharbia for Urban Development, Arab Ceramics - Ceramica Remas, Ismailia National for Food Industries (Foodico).


In the same context, the transactions of the insiders, the main shareholders and the groups associated with them varied during a trading session yesterday, Wednesday, as the board of directors of Zahraa Maadi for Investment and Development, Gulf Canadian Arab Real Estate Investment, Egyptian Real Estate Group, Porto Holding Group - Porto Group, sold 38.5 thousand shares, 1.5 million Shares, 50 million shares, respectively, and a group linked to the International Fertilizers and Chemicals Company sold 10,000 shares, and a major shareholder in Port Said Agricultural Development and Contracting Company sold 74,986 shares.


While the board of directors of the Arab Company for Pharmaceuticals and Chemical Industries bought 110 shares, and a group linked to the two Oriental Carpet Weavers companies, Arabia for Engineering Industries bought one million shares, 616,000 shares, respectively, and the management of Faisal Islamic Bank of Egypt - in dollars, bought 999 shares, and a major shareholder in a hospital International Nozha 750 shares.


In a separate context, Dr. Mohamed Farid Saleh, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Stock Exchange, issued Resolution No. 515 of 2021 regarding the controls for contracting small and medium-sized companies with approved sponsors, and the resolution stipulated in its first article that all small and medium-sized companies listed in the stock market are obligated to contract with one of the sponsors. Those registered in the sponsors registry in the Egyptian Stock Exchange for a period of no less than 8 months, provided that the position of these partnerships is reviewed in terms of their fulfillment of the tasks that the sponsor must perform, and all companies commit to providing the Egyptian Stock Exchange with a copy of the contract concluded with the sponsor within a period not exceeding two months from the date of work with this decision.