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The Pentagon is withdrawing about 44% of its forces in Afghanistan.. and the Minister of Defense: ahead of the schedule

The Pentagon announced yesterday evening that the US military is almost halfway to withdrawing its forces from Afghanistan, one month after the withdrawals began, according to the American newspaper The Hill.

US Central Command estimates it has completed "between 30 and 44 percent of the entire rollback operation," Pentagon press secretary John Kirby said, adding that the Department of Defense has shipped nearly 300 C-17s from Afghanistan, and delivered nearly 13 A thousand pieces of equipment have been sent to the Defense Logistics Agency for destruction since the withdrawal began on May 1.

According to the report, President Biden in April ordered all US forces out of Afghanistan by September 11, the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks that sparked America's longest war, yet several reports indicated that the withdrawal could be completed in July.

Defense Secretary General Lloyd Austin said the withdrawal was "a little ahead" of the schedule, but did not provide further details.

Central Command provides weekly updates on withdrawal efforts in the form of ranges only and does not specify the number of troops that have left the country. Washington has formally handed over six facilities to the Afghan Ministry of Defense, the statement said.

According to the report, US forces will hand over the main Bagram air base to Afghan forces in about 20 days, although Kirby has not confirmed the news.

He added that Bagram, which was built by the Soviet Union in the 1980s and is the largest military facility for US and NATO forces in Afghanistan, would be handed over as part of the withdrawal, but he did not confirm the timing.