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The population clock is approaching the second million after the first 100 million

A few days separate us from registering the number of 2 million newborns after the first 100 million that were registered in February 2020, as Egypt has recorded remarkable population growth rates within short periods, talks about by Gamal Abdel Mawla, Director General of the General Department of Vital Statistics at the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and statistics.

Population watch data indicate that the population of Egypt has so far registered 101 million, 919 thousand and 109 people as of this writing, which means that the difference is about 80 thousand people only to register the first one hundred and two million.

Gamal Abdel Mawli said, in statements to "The Seventh Day", that the rates of population increase in Egypt show that during the year 2020, Egypt recorded one million and 608 thousand people, and given this rate, we find that the daily increase rate is 4 thousand and 800 people, and 183 people per hour and about 3 One person per minute, which means that Egypt needs only 20 seconds to increase one birth.

Gamal Abdel Mawla added that one of the most important reasons for the population increase in Egypt is the rapid population growth, because the population of Egypt has tripled since 1897 until now. There is a very important demographic indicator, which is the period it takes for Egypt to double the population, the more this time period the more It was a positive indicator, and if the time period for doubling the population decreased, this was a dangerous indicator of a high population increase.

He explained that the population of Egypt doubled 3 times, the first time the population doubled in 50 years from 1897 to 1947, and the second doubling occurred in just 29 years in 1976, reaching from 19 million years 47 to 36.6 years 76, and doubled for the third time in 29 year, it reached 72.6 million people in 2006.

Abdel Mawli considered that the population problem in Egypt takes on an important character, because the population problem in Egypt arises when the rates of economic growth do not match the population growth rates, as the rates of population increase are significantly higher than the rates of economic growth.

One of the most important reasons for the population increase is the nature of the age structure of the population. In the early sixties of the last century, population growth rates began to rise, and this affected the age structure of women of reproductive age for women from 15-49 years, and they represented 52% of females of reproductive age and this is a very large percentage , In addition to 34% of females at the age of less than 15 years, and therefore this percentage will join the women of childbearing age within a short period, which is what is called the self-motivation force.

Also, customs and traditions in rural areas in particular play a major role in the population increase as a result of the logic of attrition and the desire to have males, in addition to early marriage for those who are fifteen years old, as the recent population census monitored 110 thousand cases of early marriage under the age of 18, in addition to 7 Thousands of cases between males, bringing the total to 117 thousand cases, as well as consanguinity marriage