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Turkish offer to borrow Diang from Al-Ahly during the summer Mercatoو

The last few years witnessed the arrival of several European offers to join Al-Ahly midfielder Aliu Diang, to sign him during the current summer transfers. Dilling offers very good performances with Al-Ahly, after he clearly contributed to the recent victories of the Red Genie, both locally and in Africa.

A source revealed to "The Seventh Day" that Diang had received offers from France, Germany and Turkey during the last period, and a source said that the Malian player had received a season-long loan offer for one million dollars from a Turkish club.

Al-Ahly refuses to give up on Diang easily because of the team's need for his efforts, and the club's management wants to keep the player and not dispense with him unless he receives an offer in return for a large sum of money of no less than 7 or 8 million dollars.

On the other hand, Sayed Abdel Hafeez, Al-Ahly’s director of football, decided to pay great rewards to the team’s players after defeating Esperance in the African semi-finals and qualifying for the African Champions League final, and the football director explained that Al-Ahly players deserve to receive great rewards after beating Esperance back and forth. Especially as they presented very strong performances against the Esperance team at their stadium on Saturday before last, and then at Al-Ahly and Al-Salam Stadium on Saturday.

Despite the great rewards that were decided to be paid to Al-Ahly players after the victory over Esperance in the African semi-finals with a clean four in the total of the first and return matches, the technical staff decided to close the door to qualifying for the African final and demanded that the team players not think about the continental final in which the Red Genie will play with the Kaizer Chiefs of the South An African player will be held next July 17 in Morocco, and he stressed to them the need to think about the league championship in which Al-Ahly will play strong matches in the coming period, the first of which is facing Esperance next Thursday. Musimani wants to prepare well for these local matches in order to win them and restore the top of the league.