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US National Security Adviser: Biden and Putin's consultations on Syria were "constructive"

 US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan described the consultations held by US Presidents Joe Biden and Russian Vladimir Putin during their summit in Geneva on the situation in Syria and the provision of aid to this country as "constructive".

In statements to reporters, Sullivan said, published by the White House on its website today (Friday), that the consultations between them on Syria focused on the issue of ensuring humanitarian delivery.

He added that Biden stressed that there are millions of hungry people who need support in northeastern and northwestern Syria.

According to Sullivan's statements, the US President pointed out in this regard that ensuring the continuity of the work of the only border corridor currently used by the UN cross-border aid mechanism in Syria is of paramount importance to ensure that aid reaches those who need it.

In response to a question about the UN Security Council's vote next month to extend this mechanism, Sullivan said: Putin has not made any commitments on how the Russian side will vote on the draft resolution (on extending the mechanism), but the consultations were constructive.

He continued, "We believe that there are opportunities for the United States and Russia to cooperate in order to achieve a positive result, pass this draft resolution, ensure the continuity of the corridor's work, and adopt new measures to alleviate the suffering of the Syrians, with the United States and Russia working together on this issue."

It is noteworthy that the UN Security Council adopted on July 11, 2020, a resolution to extend the mechanism for providing cross-border aid through the only passage to Syria for a year, and Russia and China abstained from voting.