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Washington holds the Houthis responsible for rejecting the ceasefire

Today, Friday, the US special envoy to Yemen, Tim Lenderking, blamed the Houthis for refusing to participate in the ceasefire and taking other moves to end the conflict. According to Arabic.

The US State Department said Yemen's Iran-aligned Houthi movement was failing to seek a ceasefire and take steps toward settling the conflict.

After the return of US Special Envoy Tim Lenderking from the region, the ministry stated, "While many parties are raising problems inside Yemen, the Houthis bear great responsibility for refusing to participate tirelessly in the cease-fire and taking steps to resolve the nearly seven-year conflict, which has caused far greater suffering." Description of the Yemeni people.

Last week, the US State Department called on the Houthi militia to stop the violations it practices against Yemenis, and to release detainees in its prisons immediately, considering that Yemen has a real opportunity for peace, and that the Houthis must exploit it.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs indicated that the Houthis are continuing their offensive in Marib, with devastating humanitarian consequences, instead of opting for peace.

She added that the exercise of human rights, including freedom of expression, should never be criminalized.