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Will Wydad qualify to meet Al-Ahly in the African final instead of Kaizer Chiefs? .. Enough reply

The South African government has raised great doubts about the fate of the African Champions League final match between Al-Ahly and the South African Kaizer Chiefs, after it announced yesterday, Sunday, the imposition of a curfew on 5 states, including Gauteng, the stronghold of the Kaizer Chiefs team, for a period of 14 days, due to the fourth wave of the Corona virus, The new ban dates will also be from nine in the evening until four in the morning, with schools and restaurants closed and travel to and from those states prohibited.

Kaizer Chiefs will face Al-Ahly on July 17 in the final of the championship at the Mohammed V Sports Complex in Casablanca, Morocco.

In the event that Kaizer Chiefs cannot travel to meet Al-Ahly on the specified date, all possibilities will be present and will be resolved by the Confederation of African Football “K”, including the exclusion of Kaizer Chiefs from the tournament and the qualification of Moroccan Wydad to face Al-Ahly instead of the South African team.

Kaizer Chiefs overcame Wydad in the semi-finals after defeating them in Morocco and a 0-0 draw in South Africa.

The rules of the African Champions League stipulate that the dates specified for matches in any final round cannot be changed unless there is force majeure approved by the organizing committee in Kef. He came out in front of him from the previous round, but this matter is difficult to apply to the Kaizer Chiefs team, given that the Corona epidemic and the imposition of a quarantine on the state to which the club belongs is considered a force majeure.

The tournament witnessed a similar incident after the Congolese Vita Club was excluded from the tournament in 2016 for violating the regulations before the group stage, and it was excluded and granted the qualification card to Sun Downs, who exited from Vita and then returned by a decision from CAF and crowned the first championship in its history in the same season.