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1288 cars worth 244.3 million pounds were released at Suez Customs last June

Mohamed Maait, Minister of Finance, reviewed the efforts made by customs officials to overcome obstacles and facilitate customs procedures for the business community, through customs exemptions for imported strategic goods. In a manner that contributes to improving the performance of work in customs administrations, reducing the time of customs release, meeting the needs of the local market, and contributing to price stability.


The Minister received a report from Shahat Ghatouri, Head of the Customs Authority, in which he indicated that the General Administration of Car Customs in Suez released 1281 cars of different models, models and origins last June for final release for personal and commercial use, including 564 cars with special systems “exemptions for people with disabilities and detentions.” » With a total value of 234.3 million pounds.


The report added that the taxes and customs fees collected on these cars amounted to 63 million pounds, while the value-added tax collected on these cars amounted to 32 million pounds, and commercial and industrial profits tax amounted to 46,000 pounds, and the total revenues collected amounted to 95 million pounds.


The report indicated, in a statement today, Friday, that the General Administration of Automobile Customs in Suez finally released 7 transport vehicles, with a value of 10 million pounds, during the month of June.


The report added that taxes and customs duties were collected on these cars at a value of 1.2 million pounds, while the value-added tax amounted to 599 thousand pounds, with total collected revenues of about one million and 783 thousand pounds.


The report indicated that the number of cars released under the temporary release system from Suez customs during the month of June was 126 cars, and 109 cars previously released under the temporary release system were re-exported. 1288 owners and transport vehicles with a total value of 244.4 million pounds, and the total taxes, customs fees, value-added tax, fees and other taxes collected from them amounted to about 97.2 million pounds.