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7 information for your safety when dealing with natural gas at home.. Get to know them

A set of natural gas information that you must be aware of in order to maintain your safety when dealing with natural gas in your home, and that information was as follows..

1- Do not store or use flammable products such as gasoline or paint near the stove or heater.

2- The ease of using natural gas and its availability do not make the consumption increase.

3- Monitoring cooking operations to prevent the danger that may arise as a result of food boiling and spilling, and thus extinguishing the flame with the continued leakage of gas.

4- Adjusting the temperature in the heater to appropriate degrees reduces the cost of consumption.

5- Continuing to ignite the candle of the heater all the time, consuming about 15 cubic meters per month, "equivalent to a gas tube".

6- Periodic inspection and maintenance of the devices used reduces the possibility of danger and provides safety.

7- It is necessary to carry out all works of dismantling and installing the devices or making any new connections through companies specialized in the work of gas delivery.