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A career full of achievements for Taekwondo champion Saif Issa, the last of which was the Tokyo bronze

A career full of achievements for Saif Issa, the taekwondo champion, who won 5 titles from the Grand Prix, the World Military Championship, the Mediterranean, the World Team Cup, 5 medals in the African Championship, the last of which was the bronze medal of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics today. He also received 4 Republic medals, and ranked No. 1 in the world in 2017, No. 4 Olympic in 2018, and No. 7 current Olympic.”

Saif Issa was born on June 15, 1989 and plays in the Shooting Club. During his career, he achieved many world championships and titles, among his most prominent achievements is the third place and the bronze medal in the Youth Olympics in 2014, the last of which is the bronze medal in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics today.

Saif Issa succeeded in qualifying for the Olympic Games hosted by Tokyo after reaching the final of the African qualifying tournament for the Tokyo Olympics, which was held in the Moroccan city of Rabat. Norway's Andre Ordmann, 12/4, competes for the bronze medal in the 80kg category.

The determination of the competing champion for Saif Issa came, after the Norwegian player defeated Moroccan player Ashraf Mahboub in the consolation match by a score of 24/10. Saif Issa, the taekwondo champion, lost to Russian Maxim Khramtkov 13-1 in the semi-finals of the men’s singles 80 kg tournament. The Olympic Games are currently being held in the Japanese capital, Tokyo.

Seif Issa managed to defeat Italian Simone Alessio, in the quarter-finals of taekwondo, to qualify for the semi-finals of the men's 80-kg individual competitions before finally winning the bronze medal. The Egyptian champion Hedaya Malak won the first medal for Egypt in Tokyo 2020, after defeating the player American taekwondo competition.

Egypt is participating in the Tokyo Olympics with a mission that is the largest in the history of Egyptian Olympic participation, as the number of players reached 146, with 134 main, divided into 86 male and 48 female players, in addition to 12 reserves, according to the instructions of the International Olympic Committee.