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Akram Tawfik continues to lead the right front of Al-Ahly in the African final

Al-Ahly’s technical staff, led by Pitso Musimani, settled on continuing to push Akram Tawfiq to lead the right front of the red team during the South African Kaizer Chiefs match in the final of the African Champions League next Saturday, especially after the player’s brilliance in the recent period and gaining the confidence of the technical staff.

Despite the return of Muhammad Hani, the right-back and his readiness to participate in the matches after fully recovering from a tensile injury in the front muscle, Musimani prefers to pay Akram Tawfiq, who succeeded in gaining the confidence of the technical staff as he is distinguished in defensive coverage and playing in direct confrontations player against player for Hani, so The technical staff insists on giving Akram the opportunity for Hani.

Musimani held sessions with Akram, in which he demanded that he focus and remain calm in the African final, and the need to deal in balance regarding his defensive and offensive roles, and to show the manly performance that he showed in the past matches.

There is no tendency for the technical staff to replace Akram Tawfiq for the confidence of the technical staff in the player and his ability to implement the tactics required of him on the field, whether in defensive coverage or progress to perform the offensive increase and sending crosses to the front line.