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Building Materials Division: The stability of the price of iron and cement today in the market

Building materials prices are witnessing stability today, Monday, 7-5-2021, according to what was announced by the General Division of Building Materials of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce.


Head of the General Division of Building Materials at the Federation of Chambers of Commerce Ahmed El-Zeini said that the building materials sector is witnessing stability in the local market, due to the increase in the supply of all raw materials.


Al-Zini added, in exclusive statements to "The Seventh Day", that the price of iron ranges between 14,200-14,600 pounds, the factory price, with 14% added value-added tax, while the consumer price ranges between 14,300-14,700 pounds per ton.


Al-Zayni pointed out that black cement ranges between 675-800 pounds, the factory price, and the price for the consumer ranges between 750-850 pounds per ton, white cement is 2350-2450 pounds per ton, and the price of mixed cement ranges between 550-600 pounds for delivery of factory land, and the consumer 600- 650 pounds per ton.



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