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Housing officials are following up the progress of work on axes and roads development projects in New Cairo

Engineer Abdel Muttalib Mamdouh, Vice President of the New Urban Communities Authority for the urban development sector, inspected the projects of developing axes, roads and utility works being implemented in New Cairo, accompanied by Eng. Gamal Talaat, Assistant Vice President of the Authority, and Engineer Amin Ghoneim, Head of the New Cairo City Development Authority, and the leaders of the authority and the apparatus.


Housing officials began their tour by following up on the development work being carried out in the first assembly, where the 11-km-long Sadat axis is being developed, as well as working to expand the axis, making it a free axis that is linked to the Charter axis until the northern ninety, and is considered a main entrance to the first assembly, and the axis is now being modified. intersection with Mustafa Kamel.


Ministry officials also passed the development work of the 11 km Youssef El Sebaei axis until its connection with the Suez Road, and the development work of the 6,500 km Mustafa Kamel axis from Suez Road to the northern 90th.


At the end of the tour, the development works of the 4.5 km Taha Hussein axis, from the Ring Road to Mustafa Kamel, as well as the development works of the 6 km Naguib Mahfouz axis, were passed.


For his part, Engineer Amin Ghoneim indicated that the main regression lines are currently being implemented inside the city, which is part of the future solution project to develop the drainage system in New Cairo, where the diameters of the lines range from (800 mm - 1800 mm), and the lines are implemented in the first assembly to transfer Wastewater using the descent method on the main lines proposed to be implemented to the yellow mountain along its path on the Suez road and its extension, stressing the importance of developing the entrances and axes of the first assembly and linking them to the main roads (Suez and the Ring Road - Mithaq Road).


During the tour, the Ministry's officials were tasked with quickly completing the works inconsistent with the development of the longitudinal and transverse axes in the first assembly. They also directed the speedy completion of the works with the highest quality and intensification of work with the addition of other work teams to the sites to speed up the completion and completion of the conflicting works with the axes coming from Nasr City and Heliopolis for the assembly. The first, including the new administrative capital.