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How do you differentiate between the Corona virus and the common cold? .. Signs that will tell you the correct diagnosis

The common symptoms of the Corona virus are identical to the common cold, as there are many common symptoms between them such as headache, fever, cough and runny nose, and the symptoms of the Corona virus are often confused with the common cold.

And according to a report published on the Express website, it explains how a patient can differentiate between a cold and infection with the coronavirus, as the difficulty of diagnosis lies in the matching of symptoms such as persistent cough and high temperature.

Experts explained that there are three main symptoms that reveal infection with the Corona virus, including a significant increase in temperature. If you feel heat when touching your chest or back, this indicates that you are likely to be infected with the virus.

A persistent cough is one of the most common symptoms of the coronavirus. If you have been coughing frequently for more than an hour or if you have three or more coughing fits in 24 hours, you may also be infected with the virus.

The three miraculous sign is loss of the senses of smell or taste, and most people with symptoms have at least one of these three.

Less common symptoms that should not be ignored such as a runny nose, congestion, and feeling tired are possible symptoms of the virus.

And it turned out that shortness of breath is one of the symptoms that may occur to people with corona, while this symptom fades in patients with colds or influenza, while a runny nose is rare with coronavirus infection, but it is a common symptom in common colds.