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How to overcome the constant itching of the skin

Itchy skin is one of the annoying problems that many people face and affects their health and daily life. Itchy skin is often caused by dehydration and is common in the elderly, as the skin tends to become drier with age.

Depending on the cause of your itching, symptoms may vary and your skin looks normal, red or rough, and frequent scratching can cause thickened areas of skin that may bleed or become infected, which many people find relief with self-care measures such as Moisturise daily, use gentle cleansers, and bathe in lukewarm water. Long-term relief requires identifying and treating the cause of the itchy skin.

Treating itchy skin focuses on removing the cause of the itching. If home remedies do not relieve itchy skin, your doctor may recommend prescription medications or other treatments. Itchy skin symptoms can be difficult to control and may require long-term treatment Options include:

1: If your skin is itchy and red, your doctor may suggest applying a medicated cream or ointment to the affected areas. You can then cover the treated skin with a damp cotton pad. The moisture helps the skin absorb the medicine and has a cooling effect.

2:If you have severe itching or a chronic condition, your doctor may recommend this bedtime routine: Bathe in plain lukewarm water for 20 minutes, then apply an ointment to wet skin that locks in moisture and helps the medication absorb, then wear cotton pajamas.

3:: Antidepressants called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors and tricyclic antidepressants may help relieve some types of chronic itching. You may not feel the full benefit of some of these medications for 8 to 12 weeks after starting treatment.

4: Light therapy. Light therapy involves exposing your skin to a certain type of light. This can be a good option for people who cannot take oral medications. You will likely need multiple phototherapy sessions, until the itch is under control.

5: Avoid things or situations that cause you to itch Try to identify and avoid the cause of your symptoms. This could be woolen clothes, a very hot room, or too many hot baths.

6:Reduce stress or anxiety Stress or anxiety can worsen itching Many people have found that techniques such as relaxation, acupuncture, and yoga can help reduce stress or anxiety.