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In the heat wave.. Learn about the best foods and drinks to hydrate your body

With the arrival of summer at its peak, and the high temperatures and humidity that cause us to feel uncomfortable and unable to bear this hot weather, we are looking for solutions in order to adapt to the rising temperatures. It is not only about us sitting in front of the fan and air conditioners, but we can also make changes to our Our diet is what allows us to adapt to this heat wave, according to Healthline.

We can add some foods to our diet that help hydrate our bodies to deal with this heat wave, and we monitor them:

1- Option

Cucumber contains a high amount of water, so it helps to cool the body and protect it from dehydration. It quenches thirst and gives us a feeling of freshness and calms the nerves.

2- watermelon

It is the favorite fruit for many of us during the hot summer weather, as it contains a high percentage of water to compensate for the fluid lost by the body as a result of sweating.

3- Watercress

It is a water-rich vegetable, so eating it prevents dehydration resulting from the loss of a large proportion of body fluids, and protects the skin from sun damage thanks to its amazing ingredients.

4- lettuce

One of the most important foods that moisturize the body in the summer is rich in potassium, which maintains the water balance in the body.

5- Zucchini

It is one of the ideal foods to cool the body in the summer because it contains a high percentage of water, and it also contains a group of natural salts that the body loses due to sweating in hot weather.

As for drinks to deal with the hot weather

You can take sugar-free natural juices to replace the fluids your body loses due to excessive sweating in the heat wave, and they are also rich in vitamins and important elements for the body.

Lemon juice with mint

You can eat this mix of mint and lemon to give your body the necessary cooling in the heat wave, as mint is useful for the work of the digestive system and calms the nerves, and lemon is a moisturizing and refreshing citrus for the body as it fights stress and fatigue due to the intense heat.