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Intense contacts after the landing of a US military helicopter in Bucharest

US Air Force sources said that intensive contacts are underway with Romanian Air Force officials to find out the circumstances of the emergency landing of an American Black Hawk combat helicopter in the early hours of Friday morning in the Romanian capital Bucharest.


The American Military Times magazine, which specializes in defense matters, stated that the American military helicopter was carrying out a training mission and its commander was forced to suddenly land in the Arc de Triomphe Square, one of the most important squares in the center of the Romanian capital known as Charles de Gaulle Square, as a result of which the American helicopter crashed and destroyed two lampposts As well as smashing one of the tourist stalls.


The Romanian Ministry of Defense said - in a statement about the incident - that immediately after receiving a distress signal from the helicopter crew, the police forces evacuated the field in preparation for landing, which led to reducing the material losses.


And quoting sources in the Pentagon, the American patrol denied the occurrence of any loss of life or any injuries to the helicopter crew or to any of the Romanians, and also revealed that the training that the American helicopter was doing was in preparation for the participation of an American helicopter squadron in the celebrations of the end of the work of the forces of The Romanian army in Afghanistan and its exit from Afghan territory according to the plan of withdrawing the American and NATO forces from Afghanistan by the end of next month, of which the United States has accomplished 95% of them so far.


It should be noted that Romania joined the US-led North Atlantic Treaty Organization in the year 2004 and has contributed to no less than 32,000 NATO forces participating in peacekeeping and combating terrorism in Afghanistan for 19 years under the NATO flag. .