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Lebanon stops vaccinating citizens with the Corona vaccine due to the internet and electricity cuts

The Executive Committee of the Anti-Coronavirus Vaccine in Lebanon announced the cancellation of the “AstraZeneca Marathon” and “Pfizer Marathon”, which were scheduled to receive thousands of citizens to obtain vaccinations.

The committee explained that the decision to cancel came for technical reasons related to the interruption of the Internet and the power supply to most vaccine centers, for the first time since the launch of the vaccination activities with a “Corona” vaccine months ago, which achieved great success in increasing the number of people vaccinated.

The committee revealed that the appointments that were set in the vaccination centers will be automatically postponed to next week, explaining that all centers will return to work normally after tomorrow (Monday).

Lebanon is witnessing a severe electricity crisis, as feeding the government network has fallen to its lowest level and is limited to an hour or two at most, while owners of electricity generators are forced to turn them off for long hours due to the acute shortage of fuel.

In a related development, Dr. Firas Al-Abyad, head of Rafic Hariri University Hospital (the main medical center for treating cases of “Corona” virus in Lebanon), confirmed that vaccines are safe even in light of power outages, explaining that the refrigerators in which vaccines are stored are supported by two separate generators. And UPS has a working capacity of 18 hours, and the temperature is continuously monitored both indoors and outdoors.