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Mauritania: More than 163,000 people have been vaccinated with the Corona vaccine

The Mauritanian Ministry of Health announced that 163 thousand and 150 people received the first dose of the vaccine against the Corona virus, including 1520 people, during the last 24 hours.

And the ministry stated - in a statement, that 229 people had received the second dose of the Corona vaccine.

In the same context, the Mauritanian government made it clear that the turnout for vaccination centers is still below the level and that they have so far mobilized half a million doses of the vaccine, and that efforts are continuing to collect the vaccine until it reaches 2 million and 200 thousand doses.

It is noteworthy that the total number of infections in the country has reached 21,236 cases since the emergence of the virus in the country last year, while the total deaths amounted to 489 cases, while the total number of people recovered reached 20 thousand and 16 recoveries.