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Moroccan newspapers: History supports Al-Ahly against Kaizer Chiefs, and Musimani is better than Baxter

The Moroccan newspapers highlighted the upcoming confrontation between Al-Ahly of Egypt and his South African counterpart, Caiers Chiefs, in the final of the African Champions League, scheduled to be held at nine o'clock this evening (Saturday) at the Mohammed V compound in Casablanca, Morocco, and the Red Genie is searching for the tenth title in its history, while it seeks The South African champion to put his name in the list of winners of the Champions League for the first time in its history.

The Moroccan 360 website titled: "The numbers favor Musimani at the expense of Baxter." Super Sport led by Baxter in the 2016-2017 season.

He continued, "During his training for Kaizer Chiefs from 2012 to 2015, before taking charge of the same team in the current state, he met Baxter Mosimane while he was coaching Sundowns 5 times, winning twice with a score of 1 - 0 and losing once with the same result as well and tied twice 1 1 and 0-0.

And he continued: As for his training with Super Sport, Baxter lost 4 times to Mosimane out of 5 matches, and won one match.

And he concluded: Al-Ahly is armed with history to preserve the title and won the tenth star.

While the Moroccan newspaper published the title of the African Champions League final / Kaizer Chiefs x Al-Ahly .. The winner gets 2.5 million dollars and the runner-up gets 1.25 million

And she continued: According to the grants allocated by the Confederation of African Football (CAF), the winner of the title will receive a reward of 2.5 million US dollars, while the runner-up will receive 1.25 million euros.

While the Lucite Info website wrote, Benzarti's title advises Al-Ahly to overthrow Kaizer Chiefs in the Champions League final, and the report said in the words of Benzarti: "Kaizer Chiefs is less technical than Al-Ahly, and depends on the rebounds, and if he wins, he will be shocked or lucky."

Benzarti also gave advice to Al-Ahly, saying: Al-Ahly should beware of the counter-attacks of Kaizer Chiefs, the capabilities of the South African team do not exceed what is defensive.

In another piece of news, the site wrote Bannon's title chanting with the Raja Casablanca supporters before the African Champions League final.

Bannon said that he had received messages from the fans of Raja on his personal account on “Instagram”, declaring their support and support for Al-Ahly for him, wishing success in achieving his first title of the African Champions League.