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Opening of the longest cable car in Latin America in Mexico

Mexico has opened the first line of the Cablebús, a 9.2-kilometer public transport cable car system in Mexico City, the longest cable car in Latin America.

With a total of six stations linking Queutpick with Indios Verdes, the capital's funicular is, according to local authorities, "the largest urban transport cable car system in the world and the longest in Latin America", Mexican newspaper La Expanción said.

Each of the 337 cabins can accommodate a total of 10 people, allowing it to transport up to 5,000 citizens per hour. However, at the moment, the cabin is moving with a maximum of six people due to the health measures in place to prevent corona.

The newspaper noted that it takes just over half an hour to get from the initial station to the final destination on the Cablebus. During the flight, passengers can enjoy free Wi-Fi, both in the cabins and in the terminals.

The price for the general public is seven pesos, which is about 35 cents. Seniors, people with disabilities and children under five have free access to transportation.