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Ramos misses Paris Saint-Germain in the French Super

The Spaniard Sergio Ramos did not play a single minute with his new team in the many friendly matches he played in the preparation period, nearly 3 weeks after his arrival at Paris Saint-Germain, specifically since July 8.

Today, Tuesday, he will miss the last match in the program of friendly matches this summer, which will be held in the southern Portuguese city of Faro, against his old Spanish club Seville, in which he started his professional career, before moving to Real Madrid.

And the French newspaper, “Le Parisien”, confirmed that if Ramos’s joining of Saint Germain had caused a state of joy and joy since his arrival in the Parc des Princes, but so far, he has not played at all.

Matador Ramos is training alone at the Saint-Germain training center in the Camp de Luges, in order to get used to and adapt to the new environment.

He did not participate at all in any of the friendly matches that the team played against the clubs of Man "4-0", "Shambly" "2-2", Augsburg "2-1" and Orléans "1-0".

The newspaper revealed that Ramos is apparently suffering from some leg pain, and is undergoing an intensive rehabilitation program to complete his fitness, and to get rid of the effects of any previous injuries he sustained in his last season with Real Madrid.

The newspaper added that the Argentine coach, Mauricio Pochettino, does not want to risk his participation in the matches, and he is not fully prepared, and from this point of view he will most likely not participate against Lille, the French league champion, “League Anne” for the Champions Cup, which will be held next Sunday in Israel.

Ramos was not the only one who missed the team’s friendly matches, but the other two Brazilian defense hearts, Marquinhos and French Kimpembe, were also absent, despite the latter’s arrival at the team’s camp, after a summer vacation that lasted a month, as a result of his participation with the French national team in “Euro 2020”, in which the roosters came out. From the round of 16.

While Marquinhos has not yet arrived, who in turn participated with the "samba" in the Copa America, in which he reached the final, then lost to Argentina.

The newspaper indicated that each of them, in any case, needs to rest for a period of time before paying them, which made the newspaper raise an important question: Who will lead the central defense of Saint-Germain, in the absence of the main trio "Ramos, Marquinhos, Kimpembe"? And who will Pochettino play in his first match in the French League against Troyes on August 7?